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    About Us

    Kisha A. Brown, Esq.

    Our Founder and CEO, Kisha A. Brown, Esq.,  is a passionate civil rights attorney who has spoken at countless forums on police reform, civilian rights, workplace discrimination, reentry and community empowerment.  As a Maryland-barred attorney for over 14 years, she lives by the modus operandi of Empower, Educate, Enforce and set that as the mantra for the Baltimore City Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement when she proudly served as Executive Director.  While leading the office, she was devoted to upholding federal and local civil rights laws, as well as the local minimum, living, and prevailing wage laws.  In that capacity, she led the City’s only independent agency authorized to investigate the police for misconduct. 

    An innovative leader, Ms. Brown's career includes extensive community outreach on a myriad of issues including immigrant rights, sexual harassment education, wage fraud and family law.  Much of her time striving to bring about systemic change incorporated legislative lobbying and public policy development.  Ms. Brown started her legal career in Baltimore City where she litigated in circuit court and was victorious at the Court of Special Appeals.