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    As more states decide to permit various uses of cannabis, many issues remain generally unanswered that lie at the intersection of these emerging state laws and the industry of cannabusinesses. Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia all have laws regulating the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. It can be an enormous challenge for seasoned business owners as well as entrepreneurs to navigate this ever-evolving industry. Knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel can help you structure your business to avoid any non-compliance with laws and regulations.

    There are financing considerations a lawyer can help you navigate- from strict banking regulations, where many banks refuse to work with the cannabis industry because of fear of being federally prosecuted, to alternative investment options such as crowdfunding and private investment. As you weigh your options it is good to have an experienced legal advisor during the process.

    As a business owner, it is essential to surround yourself with trustworthy and reliable legal counsel as you navigate the industry. Connect with a lawyer who will advocate for you and look out for your best interest at every stage of your development.

    Medical Marijuana