Justis Connection is committed to connecting top legal talent of color to local communities. Our lawyers are licensed to practice law and have been vetted to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.


    A Diverse Personalized Attorney-Client Experience

    I Am A Lawyer

    People want a more personalized attorney-client experience that is responsive to their unique situations.  Justis Connection provides detailed information on each attorney in user-friendly formats to enable the best customer experience. 


    Our Team

    We are committed to empowering the community through active engagement and educational events that teach people about their rights and responsibilities in the law. Our mission is what drives us to listen intently to your legal needs and deliver quality personalized lawyer referrals.

    We ensure your legal referrals are customized to meet your personal preferences.  We take into account the issues at hand as well as important considerations like your budget, additional accommodations such as accessibility, language needs and jurisdictional familiarity.  This offering comes at no cost to you! 


    Choose Us

    We are connected to the top legal talent so looking for a professional and highly skilled lawyer can be more convenient and efficient for you. 

    Each one has been vetted to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence. Licensed to practice in DC, Maryland and Virginia, our lawyers are experienced, insured and in good standing with their State Bar.